There are so many people of all ages who love that flat, dense baked chocolaty dessert bar know as the brownie.  The Brownie Queen makes fresh, fudgy, homemade from scratch, gourmet brownies that are baked-to -order.  We serve the local community and businesses.  We are a small baking establishment located in Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania.  We make our brownies in small batches by hand with love.  We also make our caramel sauce, toffee, and other items by hand that give you that complete "made from scratch" taste.   


The Brownie Queen aims to offer a variety of fresh, homemade gourmet brownie dessert bars and other brownie based products that are unique in flavor, fresh baked- to - order, economically and competitively priced to serve the local community and businesses as well as serve individuals across the United States.

Our Philosophy
1. We believe in consistently providing quality products and customer care
2. We believe in providing affordable, economical and competitive pricing
3. We believe in developing new flavors and ideas for products based on feedback and input from customers
4. We believe in insuring the delivery of a high quality product by limiting the baking capacity to what is manageable for our establishment

Our Ingredients
The Brownie Queen’s recipes, ingredients and baking process have been chosen to provide you the freshest, homemade and gourmet brownies. We use ingredients from our local area to support our community and local businesses.   


About the Owner

The Brownie Queen is solely owned and managed by Mrs. Arriba Walker.  The Brownie Queen was manifested due to her love and passion to fulfill her chocolate cravings with chocolate, fudgy brownies.  She then had the desire to experiment with different flavors and share that love and passion with her husband, children, friends and family because it created an environment for quality family time, fun social gatherings, and joyous memories at any occasion.  They were all supportive of her idea and absolutely loved tasting her brownies. 


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