If you live in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas, The Brownie Queen offers a local menu.  You can contact us for information about our prices or to place your order by phone.  You can e mail us on our contact us page or you can call Arriba Walker at (717) 215-5497 to place your order.   

Brownie Flavors - Brownie Queen Original, White Chocolate Chip, Melt In Your Mouth Fudge, White Chocolate Macadamia Nut, Pecan Caramel, Walnut Lover's, Peanut Butter Cup, Red Raspberry, Ooey Gooey Smore, Rocky Road, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, and Cookies N Cream.  

The Brownie Queen Local  Menu 

Brownie Packs

Packs of individually wrapped brownies.  Each single brownie is 3 x 3 inches in size. Available in single flavors in quantities of 6 and 12.

6 Pack-$16.95

12 Pack-$29.75


Sampler Packs

If you would like to try several different flavors, a sampler is perfect.  Choose from our variety of flavors. 3 x 2 inches in size.

Small Sampler -$22.00
12 Brownies - Choose 2 flavors

Medium Sampler -$29.75
18 Brownies - Choose 3 flavors

Large Sampler -$39.25
24  Brownies - Choose 4 flavors

Brownie Pops
Drizzle Pops- made with chocolate drizzle

 Birthday Pops- with confetti or rainbow jimmies

Top Pops- embellished with a variety of toppings

 Brownie Dessert Pans

Order a full pan of brownies of any flavor. Available in 8 x 8 or 13 x 9 pan size. Great to take for a small gathering as a dessert.

Brownie Queen Original Flavor

8x8 Pan- $9.95

 13x9 Pan- $18.25

Gourmet Flavors (all other flavors)

8x8 Pan- $10.95

13x9 Pan- $20.25

Frosted Brownie Dessert Pans

Try our delicious fudge brownies topped with frosting.  Available in 8 x 8 or 13 x 9 pan size. Frosting flavors:  Chocolate Fudge, Peanut Butter, Mint, and Raspberry. 

           8 x 8 Pan - $9.95

          13 x 9 Pan - $18.25


 Brownie Pops

These chocolate dipped, individually wrapped brownies on a stick are 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 inches in size.  They are great for favors, birthday parties, baby showers, graduation,  weddings or any event if someone wants a little taste of chocolate!

 Brownie Pop Prices

12 Pops - $18.00
24 Pops - $33.60
36 Pops - $36.80
48 Pops - $57.60
60 Pops - $66.00
72 Pops & Up - $1.00 each

Orders can be customized with different chocolate colors (blue, vanilla, red, green, etc), toppings (walnuts, crushed oreo cookie, crushed reese cups, etc) , and other embellishments( jimmies, confetti, decorative edible beads,etc).


Party Trays

Party trays made by The Brownie Queen are the perfect dessert for any special occasion, wedding, corporate function, holiday gathering or any other event. 

We offer a variety of party trays with brownie bites to suit your occasion.  Choose from our variety of flavors, including our frosted brownie flavors. Orders must be placed a week prior to event.  


Brownie Bites Tray

1 1/2 x 2 Inches

           24 Bites - Serves 12- $20.95

           48 Bites - Serves 24 - $32.95 

           72 Bites - Serves 36 - $44.95

           96 Bites - Serves 48 - $58.95

If you are interested in a larger quantity, please contact us for your custom order!



Brownie Gift Box 

Give someone a gift box with their favorite brownie flavor. Includes 12 bite size brownies with a single flavor.


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