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The Brownie Queen has the perfect holiday dessert for you, family, friends or co-workers for this holiday season!  The gift box includes a Red Christmas colored swirl box, gold seal, 12 brownies (1.5 x 2 inches), and 2 selections of flavors for your gift box. 

Selection 1-Chocolate Box

If you choose a Chocolate Gift Box, it will include brownies that are made with semi-sweet chocolate chips.  It will include 3 Brownie Queen Original, 3 Melt in Your Mouth Fudge, 3 Pecan Caramel, & 3 Peanut Butter Cup.

Selection 2 - White Chocolate Box

If you choose a White Chocolate Gift Box, it will include brownies made with white chocolate chips. It comes with 3 Brownie Queen Original, 3 White Chocolate Chip, 3 White Chocolate Macadamia Nut, & 3 Peanut Butter Cup.


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Holiday Gift Box


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