Holiday Flavors


1. Chocolate Mint Brownie


2. Red Velvet Cream Cheese Brownie


3.English Toffee Brownie


4. Sweet Potato Pie Swirl Brownie




10% Discount


6 Pack of Brownies- $16.20
12 Pack of Brownies- $27.85

The Brownie Queen has the perfect holiday dessert for you, family, friends or co-workers for this holiday season!  Have fun, enjoy, and Happy Holidays!


Chocolate Mint


Our mint brownie has a fudge brownie, chocolate chips, mint green frosting, topped with semi-sweet melted chocolate. 

Quantity of Brownies

Red Velvet Cream Cheese


Our red velvet brownies is swirled with sweetened cream cheese. 

Quantity of Brownies
English Toffee

Chunks of homemade English toffee chips and drizzled with semi-sweet chocolate glaze
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Sweet Potato Pie Swirl
You cannot have the holidays without sweet potato pie. Try this unique brownie with sweet potato pie filling swirled into our fudge brownie.
Quantity of Brownies
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